Luxury Chiang Mai is an online luxury lifestyle ‘magazine’ that operates primarily from Chiang Mai and Bangkok (Thailand).

While there has been discussions as to launch as print magazine to encompass southeast and east Asia, in this modern age we can reach more people digitally, and with a lower environmental impact. Additionally, our main readership prefers well written and informative articles with accompanying images online, which can be bookmarked and shared.

While Luxury Chiang Mai chooses not to have a physical print magazine, we do have ties to print media based in Thailand and regularly contribute to a range of magazines in the region. Since our team is still small, making connections with local media ensures we effectively maximize our outreach.

Additionally, back in 2016 ThaiSmart Expeditions was published. A complete guide to the northern region, the printed book encompasses the finest things on offer in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai and beyond. Popular with travelers and regional expatriates, ThaiSmart Expeditions offers readers a complete travel itinerary to the north and is regularly updated to include new restaurants and hotel openings. Since the city is small, it makes more sense to compile the best of the north into a compact guide book instead of a monthly magazine. As Chiang Mai expands, so does ThaiSmart Expeditions.

Coming up online in 2018…….

  • Interviews

Every month, Luxury Chiang Mai interviews individuals coming from different fields and backgrounds, yet they all have one thing in common: a love for Thailand. Whether world renowned architects, innovative chefs, spiritual leaders, artists or successful business entrepreneurs, Luxury Chiang Mai plans to share insights about Thailand, and their journey towards success.

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Articles and features of the best of Thailand: From travel gems, fine dining, well-being, art, shopping, culture and design to new hot spots in the region.

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The latest news in luxury and international lifestyle trends throughout Asia.