Trying to avoid touristic and over crowded places?

Want to experience a holiday the best northern (central or southern) Thailand has to offer, while avoiding the common tourist traps? 

Thinking of moving to Thailand, or starting a business here?

Tired of sifting through the masses of contradicting information on the internet?

Looking for a holiday of a lifetime? or just want some advice on visiting Chiang Mai or moving here?

Send me a message and let me help you! 

I offer one-to-one Skype sessions and personalized itineraries to help you plan your trip to Northern Thailand.

You will get the chance to explore Chiang Mai with a local before you even get here, and not only will it save you time researching and planning, but it takes away the stress of visiting the unknown Kingdom.

I’ve previously worked with many travelers looking to experience more than the average Lonely Planet route as well as representatives from the BBC, Monocle Magazine, New York Magazine and the UK’s Channel 4 to assist them with location settings and general Chiang Mai insight.

Please tell me a little about what you are looking for, and I look forward to hearing from you!